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Medical Cosmetology
  • Entertainment and stage lighting

    Bar atmosphere is to create operator priority and unremitting pursuit. It includes elements of music, performance, drinks, decoration and lighting, novelty, unique, since each designer is each entertainment business common pursuit of the goal. LED as a new light source has become a decoration bar, and Manyao entertainment and create a personalized atmosphere of fashion elements+MORE

  • Indoor space display lighting

    In the process of traditional lamps and lanterns sales, sales staff generally rely on singing to eat and drink, and other hidden means. Lack of professional and technical quality of the sales staff, has not adapted to the current LED lighting market+MORE

  • The basic skills of landscape lighting lighting project design

    With the rapid development of economy and the improvement of people "s living standards, the pressure of life and work is increasing. In the work and study, people need a piece of green space to relax. Therefore, the open garden space in the city is more and more popular. The landscape lighting design of this kind of "urban oasis" is also referred to the higher and higher position+MORE