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Indoor space display lighting

Release Date:2015-12-22
First, the technical quality of the sales staff. In the process of traditional lamps and lanterns sales, sales staff generally rely on singing to eat and drink, and other hidden means. Lack of professional and technical quality of the sales staff, has not adapted to the current LED lighting market. The information technology team for the traditional lighting LED lamp product advantages and techniques mostly have a superficial knowledge of. A purchasing agent told reporters, due to the LED lamps related to the procurement of energy saving event, many units are useful electric indicator assessment, so the purchaser will carefully select reliable LED lamp production enterprises, such as the failure, the sale is guaranteed. "If the sales staff to LED are not understood, the product of their own business expertise, but hard, then take what let us buy the letter, and their cooperation." Second, set up a professional dealer team. LED lighting is the future trend, but the market is still dominated by traditional lighting. So these traditional lighting manufacturers how to make LED lighting business transformation, especially the attention of people. As we all know, in the past, NVC think in LED industry replication does not spend money to do research and development experience: such as to OEM as a breakthrough point, don't equipment investment, investment in research and development, also need not spend high cost of raising a large group of employees. However, LED lighting and conventional lighting, NVC of distributors in the second tier engineering control ability is not strong, the reason is that the company does not have any their own core products in the field of LED lighting. The high led "reporter from Chengdu Golden House Lamps City a project agents learned that at present although the NVC lighting LED lighting products, but the quantity is very few. "We mainly do energy-saving lamps, consumers to buy NVC, our main push energy-saving lamp." Thereafter, the reporter visited the Chengdu 81 Lamps City, Fuhe Lamps City, brilliant lighting City stores to understand, the original part of the NVC dealers have began to consider in the LED products to seek his master. So, a lot of traditional lighting companies still use the original channel sales LED lights are many difficulties, then how to quickly set up a professional dealer team becomes very important. Third, you can not have both, we should grasp the key. Reporters visited Pixian Chengdu High-tech Industrial Park, part of the lighting business to understand, through the previous incandescent lamps gradually eliminated, today's energy-saving lamp lighting is in a mature market. But it is also facing the development of the future LED challenges, the terminal market in the choice between energy-saving lamps and LED lighting is very difficult. On the one hand, the future of the market is LED lighting; on the other hand, the current LED market is still relatively confused, the price is uneven. These two factors have been plagued by the transformation of Chengdu traditional lighting companies. But it is undeniable that the channel of LED lighting has been quietly launched, business related products also show a trend of annual growth. High tech Industry Research Institute (GLII) data statistics show that in 2011 the domestic LED lighting business sales of more than 100000000 yuan, more than 30 enterprises, LED lighting the overall output value over the last year, an increase of more than three. Therefore, the enterprise to develop, the future need to be cautious. Remember, you can not have both, should grasp the key. Fourth, first do a good job of Engineering case. Now the LED enterprise in the field of engineering development still has some difficulties. Because the designer of the project channel is generally not enough to LED products, then the enterprise must also be a teacher, but also to sell things". In particular, for the company without a deep user base, the success of the past is particularly important case. If a business is not successful case, it rarely works to have the courage to eat "crab", would beat a retreat. So do a good job of Engineering channels, the case is very important. Finally, try to avoid the price war. Positioning clear high-end enterprise, will not go to fight price war. If a company decides to participate in price war, it must strictly control other production, management and marketing costs, which also includes the cost of brand marketing. Therefore, once the enterprise is involved in the price war whirlpool, then the brand construction is impossible to talk about.