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Entertainment and stage lighting

Дата добавления:2015-12-22

Bar atmosphere is to create operator priority and unremitting pursuit. It includes elements of music, performance, drinks, decoration and lighting, novelty, unique, since each designer is each entertainment business common pursuit of the goal. LED as a new light source has become a decoration bar, and Manyao entertainment and create a personalized atmosphere of fashion elements. However, due to the different technology and traditional light source of LED products, many operators do not quite understand the characteristics of it, coupled with the current design of entertainment places is still very few, therefore, how to choose the right and reasonable use of LED, as a place of entertainment lighting design should be considered a serious consideration.

1 full-color LED screen
Dynamic full-color LED display wall, also known as color bar lamp screen, is now a bar and Manyao bar, disco, stage etc. place competing applications of a product, and even become synonymous with the new entertainment.

Led full-color display wall features that can display colorful lifelike, superior results, showing content is very rich, can cater to the atmosphere of the scene, according to the needs of different periods, the display or peace or dynamic changes. The second generation led full-color display system uses a flexible combination mode, light emitting module using the size of the cm x 8 cm or cm x 5 cm in diameter, can according to the actual installation environment and budget customers adjust the display resolution; wiring is very simple, just a signal line will be able to stabilize the transmission of the signal, control system is more convenient, setting of all parameters and the effect of all on the computer screen to complete the real-time, making LED full-color display wall can really easily applied to large scale entertainment.

2.LED microcomputer colorful floor (curtain wall lamp floor)

LED microcomputer colorful floor (curtain wall lamp) with a colorful LED light source module, with the microcomputer control system, can achieve the dynamic changes in the color, making the original ordinary ordinary floor suddenly become a colorful world. The phototactic characteristics, causing the participant strong acting impulsively, whether is dancing in the above still enjoy the carnival, with custom changes effect, personal charm of participants are fully displayed. For a stage, dance floor, collar stage entertainment environment and atmosphere of building decoration.

3.LED colorful wall

The general use of milky white acrylic or matte, Buwen glass panel LED colorful wall, built in different Telilong tube core of the show, with controller to achieve the wall color, colorful, chase, the scan results, is the preferred scheme of the large area of wall led decorative. Can be through the limited investment, the environment for the whole place to define the atmosphere.

4.LED wash wall lamp

LED wash wall lamp is a new type of lighting, it uses a unique ultra bright flat type LED, with unique design of the arc spotlight transparent outer tube, can achieve a very high brightness, uniform wall wash effect. Suitable for entertainment places and other occasions.

Quality wash wall lamp first luminous intensity to be high, generally direct can produce a bright spot in the distance 5m; secondly to condenser, light angle to strictly controlled at 35 DEG C. Finally, to uniform illumination, light shines on the object should be uniform and transparent, absolutely can not produce dark spots and dark stripes. Only meet these conditions, is considered to be a high quality wash wall lamp.