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Company Activities
  • Helian outreach activities in 2017

    To better stimulate the staff's working enthusiasm, sets up the positive communication between employees, mutual trust, solidarity and collaboration awareness, enhance staff's sense of responsibility and sense of belonging, HELIAN diathesis developing activity was carried out in August, in this summer, we sweat together, cheer together, discuss together, together.+MORE

  • Happy valley Helian anniversary in 2017

    Happy valley Helian anniversary in 2017,for HELIAN celebrate together.+MORE

  • Helian New Year party by the end of 2016

    In the past year, Helian adhere to scientific development, constantly blaze new trails, has achieved fruitful results.At the same time, we celebrate the arrival of 2017 with strenuous enterprising attitude!+MORE

  • Helian outreach activities in 2016

    To dig their own potential, to self-knowledge, and enhance self-confidence; Inspire innovative thinking, enhance the ability to solve the problem; Adjustment state of body and mind, intuitive face the challenge of the work in life; Improve interpersonal relationship, the harmonious together. So Helian diathesis developing activity was carried out by, let us cheer together for better myself.+MORE