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LED Cabinet Light HL-1709T

LED Cabinet Light HL-1709T
  • 1.Use the advanced induction technology of human thermal infrared detection sensor which highly sensitive, anti-jamming, fast response.

    2.Automatic sensing: the light will light up when you get within 2 meters of it and will go out 30 seconds after you walk out of its sensing range.

     3.Features of the new highefficiency LED technology: high efficiency, energy saving, long life, environmental protection,explosion-proof, cold light, suitable for all kinds of places. 

    4.It adopts DC12V power supply and it is safe and reliable when using,explosion-proof, cold light, suitable for all kinds of places.
    5.The lamp body adopts aluminium alloy with high thermal conductivity and has the good heat conductivity .
    6.It can be widely used in wine cabinet, wardrobe, bookcase, kitchen cabinet and other similar lighting places.
  • Item No. Color length led LED/QGY working voltage
    HL-1709T-12V03W100-03 2700-6500K 0.3 2835 15 12V
    HL-1709T-12V03W100-03 0.6 33
    working current power angle IP CRI
    0.25A 3 120 40 80Ra
    0.5A 6 120