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LED Linear HL-5036-24V33W100-12

LED Linear HL-5036-24V33W100-12
  • 1.Professional industrial design; exquisite outward appearance ;  luxurious fashion。
    2.Light source adopts LED dots with high quality and high brightness, which have good heat dissipation and low light failure。
    3.It adopts DC24V power supply and it is safe and reliable when using。
    4.The lamp body adopts aluminium alloy with high thermal conductivity and has the good heat conductivity 。
    5.Anti glare and flat luminous. Adopting optical PC cover has a good intensity of illumination uniformity and the light is soft and comfortable.
    6.It can be widely used in shopping centers , commercial buildings , of?ce buildings , factories, hallways, etc。
  • profile item no. color length LED working voltage working current
    HL038 HL-5036-24V33W100-12 2700-6500K 1.2M 2835 24V 1.4
    power LM Beam angle IP CRI Working temperatuer
    33W 1500 120 40 >80 -20-50℃